How fucking old are you Chloe? I honestly can't believe some of the stuff you post. I'm your friend, I don't want to see your tits leaked all over my dash. With the amount of notes they've got, they're gone be out there forever. Child pornography is not something I wish for you to subject to me. Where did you go? The girl with self harm hearts on her chest? The girl who'd friends helped for 5 hours while she vomited profusely? disgusting. keep your man whore away from stroud, i can't look at him


Sorry, who is this? And if you dont want to see it dont follow me its that simple

Sarah, shut the fuck up.

Missing a loved one is more painful than heartbreak…..

Where you emotionally depend on somebody so much and they are so far away from you…..

Yeah that….

I cant sleep it hurts so much…..


Alton Towers today! Woo woo

Miss you baby :(

Reblog if you’ve seen one of your followers naked

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Hey douchenozzle. Bet /b/ is your favourite board huh?

Say what now?